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1. Water dispenser when operating?
This is a normal phenomenon, not a product fault.

Reason :
    1- Maybe when installing the insulation is not good, making the moisture in the air when condensing on the pipeline, the amount of condensed water will gradually increase over time and flow down. => Cover the insulation, should install 1 separate insulation for each pipe
    2- When the machine is operating, the refrigerant will be put into the indoor indoor unit by a pipe system connected from the compressor, on this pipe is not insulated so that condensation will occur in the pulse air. around this pipeline.
A lot of condensate will flow down and out through the gaps and drainage holes under the outdoor unit.
=> If you install the outdoor unit in a high travel area, the water gutters will flow to another location.


2. Why is the indoor cooler running water?

The moisture in the air, when it is cold, will liquefy into water, similar to a glass containing ice that will cling to water outside.

Standing water on the cooler will be collected into a pre-designed trough (inside the cold block) and led out.

If the chute is installed incorrectly, or dirt accumulates to clog the chute and drain hose, full water will overflow.

If the machine is newly installed, please contact the technical side to install and handle it, if the machine has been installed for a long time, please hire air conditioning technician to maintain and maintain the product, this phenomenon is not a technical fault of product.


3. What is the minimum allowed length of copper pipe?

The minimum length of the pipeline when installing the air conditioner is at least 3m, if it is installed short below 3m, it will cause excess gas, the machine will run noise.

Poor cooling efficiency, overloading the compressor easily leading to compressor failure.

(If such installation will not meet the technical standards and if the problem occurs, it will be outside the warranty of the company)


4. How much aptomat should be installed for air conditioner?

Machine 1HP - 1,5HP: aptomat 10A

Machine 2HP - 2,5HP: aptomat 15A

Machine> 2,5HP: aptomat 20A


5. What is the material of the outdoor and cold unit of wall-mounted air conditioner?

Akino residential wall air conditioner condenser and evaporator: copper pipes (CU), aluminum radiator fins (AL) with anti-rust coating.


6. Why does the air conditioner block continuously?

Maybe the cause is.

   1- Machine is overloaded

   2- The system loses gas, overheats the compressor

   3- Poor heat dissipation

   4- Machine defective (contact technician to check)


7. Does air-conditioning installation need to be vacuumed?

When installing the air conditioner, vacuum is a must, vacuuming helps to clean the air, steam and dirt inside the pipeline, avoiding moisture clogging on the liquid separator.


8. When operating in the cold afternoon, how many degrees Celsius is the temperature of the outdoor unit installation area, the machine stops working?

Air-conditioning when operating in the function of cooling (Cool) the ambient temperature of the outdoor unit installation area that exceeds 43 degrees Celsius will stop working, and below 43 degrees C the machine will operate normally.


9. Why is the machine still operating but the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is poor?

There are many possible causes such as:

    1- Poor heat exchange because the indoor / hot unit is too dirty (do not clean the air conditioner periodically).

    2- The gas system is clogged

    3- Gas is lost, lack of gas.

    4- Compressor wear and tear (used for a long time).

    5- Control system is faulty.


10. Why does the air conditioner work properly at night, but it is not cold in the afternoon or not?

The cause can be:

    1- The room lost a lot of heat because it was too hot outside

    2- The outdoor unit is too hot (poor cooling, no shading, etc.)

    3- Poor cooling system (Lack of gas, too long pipes, poor compressor, etc.)


11. Why is the design of the inverter air conditioner not interrupting the compressor, but there are times when the compressor is interrupted?

When the room temperature is reached, Inveter AIRSP will operate at low speed.

However, if the room temperature falls above the set temperature by 1 ° C, compressor will shut off.


12. There is a strange smell:

    1- The wind blowing from the air conditioner has a burning smell

Stop supplying power to the machine by unplugging or disconnecting the circuit breaker.

If the problem is still not resolved, please contact the nearest Akino Authorized Service Center.

    2- An unpleasant smell comes from the air conditioner

This is not a fault of the air conditioner.

Odors from furniture, cigarettes ... are drawn in by the indoor unit according to the air and then blown out during operation. (In this case, it is recommended to clean the indoor unit.)


13. Air conditioning and periodic cleaning:

    1- Benefits of cleaning and maintaining air conditioners?

The indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner are often covered with dust, making the air conditioner weak and consuming such as: weak cold capacity, long cold time, high energy consumption. So we should clean and maintain the air conditioner periodically in order not to get dust that affects the working capacity of the air conditioner and does not affect health.

    2- How long should the air conditioner clean and maintain?

If the family uses it, it takes about 3-4 months / time. If the frequency of use is low, about 5-6 months / time.

For the restaurant company about every 3 months. In a dusty environment, it should be 1-2 months / time.

For production establishments - enterprises, it is about 1 month / time. Check before maintenance.


Air conditioning maintenance and cleaning requires a full range of equipment and equipment such as high-pressure water sprayers, electronic circuit protection equipment ... Customers should contact professional air-conditioning cleaning services. Or contact the nearest Akino Authorized Service Center for assistance (there is a fee).